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Grupo Unicad offers solutions for the decision making of Security Managers.

Pioneer in the segment, GRUPO UNICAD has innovated by integrating different systems into one information platform, the PORTAL UMAIS.

The PORTAL provides new dynamics to the CCCs, integrating data mining concepts, risk areas mapping , cameras, real-time occurrences, BI tools, analysis and intelligence among others.

Know the Portal UMAIS

The Grupo Unicad

Portal Umais

Based on the capture and processing of data from open sources, it integrates different subsystems in a single PORTAL. The platform allows several analyzes, enabling the knowledge of regions from the history of their occurrences.


USafety promotes training, qualification and workshops of excellence, with a new concept of prevention and fire fighting. Its mission is the strengthening of concepts related to safety and health at work, as well as making fire prevention and combat a reality in the routine of its clients.

RGP Headhunters

Specialized in the selection of Corporate Security professionals, believes that only with full knowledge of the market needs, it is possible to identify the most qualified and aligned with the client's objectives professional. Based on this premise, RGP brings pioneering hunting to the security area.


Applying current systems development concepts, UNICADTEC created a distinct atmosphere and formed a unique team, incorporating good practices and reformulating the technological structure of the GRUPO UNICAD. Today, in addition to serving the companies that make up the group, it offers customized solutions to its customers.

Ulog Risks

From the risk areas mapping and occurrences involving Cargo Theft, ULOG RISKS developed an intelligent routing system and assigned automation to Cargo Monitoring, offering differentiated risk management services.

BG Check

Using various sources of data mining, BG CHECK brings as a differential the know-how of experienced Data Analysts, who from the reading of the set of information ascertained, issue reports that assist in decision making.

For more than 30 years in the Security Consulting market, GRUPO UNICAD has become a reference company for the sector.



To bring technology to the Corporate Security and Logistics Department, transforming information into knowledge and improving the risk analysis and assessment processes.



To encourage the culture of prevention and security in organizations, offering solutions to improve Corporate Security and Logistics management.



  •  Contribute to people's development;
  • Have honesty, seriousness and quality as pillars of the relationship with customers and suppliers;
  • Creativity, commitment and ethics in our actions;
  •  To see everything we do as projects in progress, certain that there is always room for improvement;
  • Be resilient and interpret problems as opportunities for growth;
  • Create a personalized experience for each customer, meeting their demands whenever possible;
  • Social responsibility and voluntary contribution to actions that improve people's prevention and security conditions;
  • Commitment to Public Security, sparing no efforts to help those who serve and protect society.

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